Kids! Salesforce Dad is home!

Salesforce gets me all jazzed up. It’s just like that multi-tool your mom bought me for Father’s day that you “lost” when you were cleaning the gunk out of your bike tires. I really loved that tool and I really love Salesforce. It lets you do anything you want as long as you pay attention and quit looking at your phone.  What are you doing on there anyway? Coordinating an airstrike?!?

There are so many offerings, tools, options, and really neat stuff the platform can do that you don’t need other products to meet your needs.  Just like that multi-tool you lost… I really loved that thing… anyway, Salesforce is that one tool that can do everything.

I’ve been Salesforcing as long as I can remember and want to give you a little lesson or two on how to Salesforce.  I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did while doing Salesforce. I’m not talking just to hear myself talk. I’m trying to impart my wisdom so those of you out there learning Salesforce can learn, grow, and improve with a little guidance.

Now here’s $5. Go play in the sandbox and don’t tell your mother…