The Most Important Feature of the Salesforce Winter ’20 Release


When new release notes are published by Salesforce for the upcoming release, everyone jumps all over the content to build their list of “best/top/most treasured/sexiest/exciting/etc” features and all of which justify why the features made their special list. I always let the community do the heavy lifting to find the big ticket items before I dig in myself so I know where to read more and what I can skip.

Of all the articles I have read, not a single one mentions the most important feature in the Winter ’20 release. Yes, I realize this is a big claim, but, like every other blogger, I plan to justify my outrageous statement. Yes, it’s great to have Classic features now available in Lightning (hey there, Recycle Bin), but ultimately they aren’t game changers. Yes, it’s nice when existing functionality is applied to a new tool (scheduling Flow and Lookups in Flow), but these are niche features that not everyone can or needs to use.

The most important update of the release is one that can, and should, be used by every admin, developer, contractor, and consultant that has their hands in an org. The cherry on the sundae needs to help in any situation or scenario to help end users. The creme-de-la-creme of the Winter ’20 release is In-App Guidance!

Why is no one talking about the fact that In-App Guidance has become generally available? How can this gem of a feature fly under the radar? I think people do not realize the potential this feature has to super-charge an org! Just think about the possibilities…

  • Do you want to improve the onboarding process for new Sales Reps in your org? You can create prompts within the Sales app to add tips, tricks, and color commentary the first time they view the Sales Path on an Opportunity
  • Did you add a new Flow to the utility bar so users can quickly submit a Case, but no one noticed it exists? You can let them know with a prompt when they log in so the user adoption increases
  • Is a new project going live next month that introduces an internal HR community? You can assist the change management process by dropping some knowledge on users in the days leading up to go-live.
  • You just released a custom Lightning Component that displays the cafeteria menu for the month? Let users know about it with some guidance to highlight the new feature… You don’t want anyone missing that special turkey dinner next month!


Most of the features in every release add or upgrade tools for admins and developers so their lives get easier. Some of the features add functionality that end users may or may not use to their advantage. Rarely does a feature come out that has the flexibility to increase user productivity to this magnitude.

By leveraging In-App Guidance in an org, you can easily reach every, single user in the most effective way possible.